Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our summer (so far) has been...

A fellow blogger (an old friend actually) asked what other moms have been doing this summer. She mentioned that she knows she should be working on "enriching" activities for herself (career-wise) or her child, but mostly they are just having FUN.
I have to say, the VACATION looked like BOTH! Visiting museums IS enriching.

Well, here is what we have been up to:
Library about once a week. Mostly to get movies. With a ONE WEEK checkout on the movies & a dollar a day if they are late, we DO go back.
Walks to EVERYWHERE! I know this will not work for everyone, but we try to get out at least a couple days a week. (Yes, we walk when we go to the library too.)
Playing. Kids have been playing with their toys a bunch.
Sprinkler time. I've let them run loose in the back yard a few times.
Hanging out with Daddy on the weekends. (A new thing, since we moved & Daddy has weekends off for the first time in many years.) - We even went to the local parade a couple weeks back. Small towns = fun traditions that include parades for random things.

Plans we have:
Painting rocks.
Making fridge magnets with glass pebbles.
Rock Candy.
Perler bead things.
Cookie making. (If we can get Daddy to stop baking.)
I have some other things we might do... but I have to finish getting the plans together.

I will let you know if we figure out we want to do anything actually "enriching" ourselves. Seems like we are mostly about the FUN too.

We also have two surprise visits planned that the kids do not know about.
Hubby's dad arrives on Friday (he has a long weekend & no prior plans)
MY MOM arrives at midnight one Friday in August & the kids will wake up to here HERE!


I found the cable for my camera (no SD card slot on my laptop) so NOW, the pictures off the camera are on MY computer. Need to get some more off Matt's camera, that I took... but that will wait til I get this thing plugged back in. Only have 20% remaining right now.
We are gonna eat lunch, then take a walk to the store. It is really nice having EVERYTHING so close.

Then I get to do more fun HOUSEWORK. Let me try and contain my excitement... woo hoo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a little more progress...

I am now hand sewing the embellishments on the doll house. I meant to sew a couple of these BEFORE I added the carpet area, oh, well.

I ALSO started & FINISHED another project today. I had located some blue ruffled, layered fabric with elastic on one edge... bought it in TEXAS. It has now been sewn into a circle & A02 is WEARING IT!! If she puts it at waist, it comes to ankles. Like a really long skirt should. However, we have some old "mattress hugger straps" for loose fitted sheets, that make cute removable straps. It is a skirt & dress in one... with only ONE SEAM!!!

Hubby & I are relaxing on couch... reading!

Monday, June 27, 2011


SPOONFLOWER confirmation arrived - it has SHIPPED!!!

Also, last night, I got thru 3/4 of the dolly house!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Well fancy that...

I just received a link thru FB... to
Type in your address. Receive a score out of 100 on the "walkability" of your area.

We got an 86! On the overview, nothing was more than .44 miles away, including the school, and the hospital.

Anybody better than that?

Pending Project...


Going thru pinterest, I found a cute "doll house" picture. It was this AWESOME tutorial that I discovered by really looking at the pin.
A07 had asked recently for a bigger house for the dolly that hubby's mom [me'ma] made her for christmas. It is a book/purse (plus doll, with a couple of outfits) that has a bed pocket & a wardrobe  that velcros closed. So, I showed her the flickr pool that the blog owner set up. She asked for EVERY house that was pictured.
I had to explain that she would get to help me pick fabric (from my STABLE*) for all the parts of the house. She finally got the concept and seemed very excited to have a little house for her doll.

TODAY... we bought the plastic canvas needed to stabilize the pieces. I need to sit down with her & pick some fabrics now.
She ALSO wanted more dolls & clothes, so me'ma is going to be sending the patterns for the set.
Now I get to figure out how to add a little wardrobe pocket area to one end of the house & possibly make a couple of the bed pockets, like in the little book me'ma made, to be "bunk beds" that remove from the house.

I know that A07 will NOT let me forget about this little project, but I wanted a little OUTSIDE accountability too. So now that I have SAID I am doing it... I have to finish it.

* STABLE is a personally modified acronym.
People in quilting circles regularly discuss a SABLE, but I like it better MY way...
Stash That's Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.
It needs that extra word "that's" in there... besides, a stable is a house for other things, usually referring to horses, but a closet or wardrobe of fabric can be called a stable nicely too.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What else I did this week...

I ordered fabric from Spoonflower. I designed a "logo" for all my hand crafted items. The yellow rose that i used it on my profile picture. Then it reads "Hagee's Handcrafts" next to it. Once it arrives, I'll be slicing it into small pieces & folding in the edges to create a sew-in label. If I add some type of iron on adhesive, I can have it stick-on instead. This will be fun.
BTW: One yard on free shipping day was less than $20.00 and will give me around 12 rows with about 20-30 in a row... around 250 to 350 individual labels, from what I remember. I'll count when it arrives.

I've done it now....

I started a blog. It is really here to give me an outlet to post some pictures of things I do for the kids, pics OF the kids, crafts I make, or anything else I think of. Random notes from the crazy recesses of my mind, whatever. I have a new little corner of cyberspace. (Oh, and a little room on Pinterest.)