Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm still here...

Yes, I took a LONG blogging break. I have found that most non-sponsored blogs tend to do that on occasion.
I'm going to blame the baby. She is as good an excuse as any other.

I've done a LOT of awesome projects since I posted last. Hopefully I can get some pictures here.
In the MEAN TIME.... You'll have to look at them individually on Ravelry. My profile is here.
You can find all my projects here. The done ones & some of the in progress stuff too. And my one not quite started sweater.

I enjoyed a run of classes at the local shop: Creative Addictions. Sadly, they ended in Early March.
Starting in April, we are having a weekly "Sticks & Strings" night. Odd weeks on Tuesday & even weeks on Wednesday, allowing more people with prior commitments to still drop by.

Hopefully, some knitting time without the kids will allow for more detailed finished projects. I can get lots done with them around, but not the really DETAILED items, like my stranded socks.

Watch for more pictures!