Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our summer (so far) has been...

A fellow blogger (an old friend actually) asked what other moms have been doing this summer. She mentioned that she knows she should be working on "enriching" activities for herself (career-wise) or her child, but mostly they are just having FUN.
I have to say, the VACATION looked like BOTH! Visiting museums IS enriching.

Well, here is what we have been up to:
Library about once a week. Mostly to get movies. With a ONE WEEK checkout on the movies & a dollar a day if they are late, we DO go back.
Walks to EVERYWHERE! I know this will not work for everyone, but we try to get out at least a couple days a week. (Yes, we walk when we go to the library too.)
Playing. Kids have been playing with their toys a bunch.
Sprinkler time. I've let them run loose in the back yard a few times.
Hanging out with Daddy on the weekends. (A new thing, since we moved & Daddy has weekends off for the first time in many years.) - We even went to the local parade a couple weeks back. Small towns = fun traditions that include parades for random things.

Plans we have:
Painting rocks.
Making fridge magnets with glass pebbles.
Rock Candy.
Perler bead things.
Cookie making. (If we can get Daddy to stop baking.)
I have some other things we might do... but I have to finish getting the plans together.

I will let you know if we figure out we want to do anything actually "enriching" ourselves. Seems like we are mostly about the FUN too.

We also have two surprise visits planned that the kids do not know about.
Hubby's dad arrives on Friday (he has a long weekend & no prior plans)
MY MOM arrives at midnight one Friday in August & the kids will wake up to here HERE!