Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday update:

We did our monthly grocery shopping trek to Wal-Mart yesterday. With the move to our small town, the nearest WM is an hour south, so it REALLY is a trek.
Spent around $400. For our family of four, that seems pretty good to me. We will need to get bread & milk during the month, but that we can do here in town.
Parts of what we bought will last more than the month too. I can my own spaghetti sauce (as well as chicken & ground beef) and it is a canning month. Next month will be paper products.

Now I have to get back to the hand sewing parts on the doll house (pictures WILL be coming sometime soon) before A07 gets mad that it is not done yet. And A02 & I need to work on a layout for the quilt she is "making" - she told me this week that I am going to sew it, after she helps me decide how it goes.

Will be doing brats (bought on sale last week) on the grill for tomorrow... and s'mores after since the grill stays hot for so long. We even found some of the fruit flavored "funmallows" in fruit shapes & they will be fun for the kids to do s'mores with.

Hope everyone else has a great holiday too!!