Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy Update...

I was FINALLY able to load some pictures of the stuff we are working on, onto my laptop. Flicker has been updated with the crafty things.

Cleaned part of my sewing room. Yesterday, we brought in (from garage) the wardrobe that hubby's oldest brother gave us when we moved. Today, I assembled almost all of it BY MYSELF. This is no small feat, as the thing is nice SOLID German construction, and measures over 6 feet long and over 5 feet tall. Hubby will have to help with the back, because one person can not hold it square and apply fasteners. Seems we are short a few shelves and the hanging rod. I'll have hubby do another garage search for them.

The scarf I am working on (see post from 10.July) with the crazy stitch pattern, is still at about 22 rows. Seems I accidentally switched hooks after about 15 rows. I noticed & have since switched back, but a small part looks kinda skinny right now. I'm hoping that once it is done, a little deviation near the end will not be very noticeable.


Detail of stitching:

The Almost LUCY Bag is still needing lining in it. The lining is sewn though.


From the spare yarn:

All I can show you of "Struck by Love" is:

There will be more pictures... but since they are not MY projects... I have to post separately.

I'll leave you with our shot of the Fourth of July FUN: