Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Progress Updating...

Today (well this week) has been very productive - but not in a picture sense...
We are actually working on the Bumpy Quilt!! A02 & I flipped my bed quilt & started laying squares out on my bed. This was last weekend while Daddy & A07 had a nap time cuddle in Daddy's big recliner.

After playing with a few rows of the 4" squares kid decided how she wanted it to look. Then I took over & made a diagram so that we did not have to lay out EVERY piece on the bed.
With the layout she picked & the fabric she chose (while on a shop hop in 2010) & the fact that she decided upon picking the first fabric that it was for her Bumpy, because she loves her -- I am calling this "Struck by Love."
Once we can get some photos & give it to the Bumpy... I will even do a tutorial on it.
Approximately 5 rows are pieced... out of 18. I have two weeks to get the top & back pieced. Then I have to decide if we will have her quilt her own item... since she has that great new "mid arm" machine... and I have a little singer from W-M.

Yes, in case it is not 100% clear... I have a habit of craft hopping. There are always multiple projects going, across multiple media. Some yarn stuff, some fabric stuff, maybe a pinata in progress, rock candy on the counter, and a cake I need to make.
For the cake, I am gonna try something off the pinboard today. Replace ALL the extra ingredients called for in the boxed cake mix with just one thing... a can of pumpkin, like you'd make a pie with. This will be going on Sunday... since I have STILL not gotten my birthday cake & A07 turned 9 1/2 on Saturday.