Saturday, July 16, 2011

lots of progress...

A02 has been making LOTS of chain stitches - so far that is all she can do. I make her slip knot & away she goes. Hopefully this week we can work on the SC.

I have 22 rows made on my crazy stitch scarf. I changed colors at about row 16. It is coming out fun. I accidentally did a few rows with a hook a couple sizes too small, so one part is a little skinny.

I am also working on a "Lucy Bag" - from Lucy @ Attic24. I worked up to 10SC between increases on the bottom & then started up the sides. It is going to be for A07. I worked on it Friday night during our pre HP marathon of HP movies... watched 5 & 6 on Friday.
A02 said she did not remember going to bed at 12:00 before. A07 fell asleep about 8, since she had not napped in a couple of days. We watched HP7.1 Saturday morning, I got a bit MORE done on the bag.
Also, on our trip "into town" in the car, I hooked. During the movie previews, I finished a dishcloth.
I am on the last set of the pattern (stripes) for the bag, I hope to finish it tomorrow. A07 seems happy with it, so that is what I am going on... her attitude towards it.

I had a GREAT day today. A02 & I got to see the last HP movie - we both enjoyed it.
A07 & Daddy got to see Winnie the Pooh. Daddy was happy, because that theater was almost empty, and he hates crowds.
We found a couple of books (on sale at Hastings) that we had been looking for. All in all, it was a nice PRODUCTIVE day.

Hope to get the camera hooked to the laptop soon, so I can throw a couple of pictures at y'all. The dolly house is stalled, due to the hand sewing. Maybe I can get a bit of sewing on it & other things worked in this week. The scarf & the Lucy Bag both need showing.